Dream of a thriving 6 figure business?


Are you driving the entrepreneur struggle bus right now? 


You have such drive and a desire to build a business that provides not only for you and your family but also HELPS someone else, too. You’re caught in the web of watching what other business owners are doing wondering if you should just do what they do. You feel like you’re surrounded by people doing what you’re doing and you don’t have any idea how to stand out. 


You know the work you do is valuable and important, but you struggle to convince your ideal client of it’s value. You feel like deep down, what you really need is someone to just tell you what the hell to do. You are so tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall and waiting to see which “strategy” sticks. 


You know, if you could just get a little momentum, that things could take off for you. You’re willing to do the work. You just don’t know what the work is. 



A self-paced 6 module course for women that are ready to nail their sales and scale their shit.

6 pivots to 6 figures is the resource you need to:


Get clear on your brand, your audience, and your unique value in the marketplace to help you stand out. You were meant to stand out, you were meant to rise. You are capable of having an enormous following and a business that easily brings you bank, you simply need to learn how to own your corner of the market. You’re going to get crystal freaking clear on your brand, so that there is no questioning your value.


You’re going to strengthen your mindset, because the only true reason you aren’t where you want to be is because somewhere along the way, you started to doubt whether or not you were capable of actually pulling it off. Prepare to be unshakable. We are done playing small, and you need the tools in your toolbelt to increase that confidence so that everyone in the world sees you and knows you are without a doubt, the real freaking deal.


You’re going to learn how to compel your prospective clients to LEAP at the chance to work with you. It’s time to freaking NAIL YOUR SALES sister, and FINALLY GIVE UP THE WORRY THAT YOU’RE BEING TOO SALESY. What I am about to teach you will make that feeling become completely irrelevant, forever and ever amen. You will never feel salesy again. You will only feel like you’re giving your clients the opportunity to change their lives. Get ready to become a sales goddess.

You’re going to DROP the BUSY BADGE and stop using the excuse that there isn’t enough time to do all the things you need to do in your business. You’re going to learn how to manage your time like the CEO you are. You’re going to delegate like a boss. You’re going to automate like a robot. You’re going to streamline everything you do, so that you eliminate decision fatigue and you execute like a six-figure business owner. Welcome to being the most productive you, ever. 


You’re going to build and leverage influence like a boss. You’re going to come ULTRA connected - helping others grow, and becoming the kind of person that others think of and bring up in conversation. This takes intentional work. This is the gasoline on the campfire of business, and you’re going to build that campfire like a girlscout on her mission for her last badge. 


Finally, you’re going to learn how to create the action plan for literally EVERY MILESTONE IN YOUR BUSINESS. You’re going to learn the system that helps you grow. You’re going to build a massive six-figure empire, step by freaking step.

Because here’s the deal, ANYONE CAN DO THIS, if they only knew what the hell to do. You, my friend, are on the cusp of achieving the big bold business you’ve always wanted. I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom.

A sneak peak inside the course

You’re going to get clear on your client, their needs, your zone of genius, and your niche. Because if those things aren’t crystal freaking clear to you AND to your network, you have no business.

Chances are pretty good your lacking confidence somewhere in your business, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. If you don’t deeply and truly believe you’re capable of a 6 figure business, neither is she.

You own a business. You are a sales person. Together, we’re going to create the messaging you use to mobilize your prospective clients. You’re never again going to whisper the words “I just don’t want to come off salesy.” Why? Because you’re going to learn how to lead in service. 

Done are the days of the busy badge. You’re going to streamline your processes. You’re going to automate things that don’t require a person. You’re going get your business tits up, and you’re going to run your business like the 6-figure CEO you are: EFFICIENTLY.

You’re going to learn the art of building influence. You’re going to witness the network effect in your own business. Why? Because there isn’t a single 6-figure entrepreneur that got to where she is by herself.

Because what it all really boils down to is TAKING ACTION, you’re going to create the Next Right Step plan for your business. You’re going to chart the path, create the timeline, and execute your growth.


Because when you stop obsessing over what everyone else is doing and you start focusing on what YOU are doing, that’s when SHIT HAPPENS. 

What’s included inside 6 Pivots to 6 Figures


6 in depth video modules

($1,000 value)


These 20 minute trainings dive deep into the strategies that will take you from stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed to dialed in, sold-out, and aligned. 


20+ pages of workbooks

(valued at $500)


We know that self-discovery and breakthrough happens when we reflect on what’s working and what isn’t, and that’s why you’re getting 20+ pages of worksheets to help you really pinpoint which of these areas requires your immediate attention. 


Bonus Content:

(valued at $1,000)


You’ll have not only all of this information, but my tried and true methods for how I plan my social media content in less than 2 hours per week, and my Stories that Sell strategies that teaches you how to NAIL using Instagram Stories to grow your business. You’ll also get my Guided Meditation, to help you practice those mindset shifts we’re working through together.


That’s a $2,500 value, and it’s all yours for less than what I charge for 1 hour of my time. For $199, you’ll learn everything you need to know to see momentum and growth in your business.

Let’s be honest - if you can’t invest $199 in your business in order to get it to 6 figures, we have a bigger issue here than clarity of your value and feeling salesy. It’s time for you to really invest not only your capital but your WILLPOWER in your business. What you’ll discover in this course, it’s not some cookie cutter “do this, do that” strategy. It’s helping you LEARN HOW TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS, so you’ll never have to second guess yourself ever again. 


If you don’t fully learn how to trust yourself in your business, you will never get where you want to go. Don’t you want to know what it feels like to be confident in what you offer, what you do, and your freaking value? THAT, is when the magic happens sister. You don’t need to keeping falling into the comparison trap. Not when you can learn how to make the right moves FOR YOU in YOUR BUSINESS. 


Are you ready?

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