3 and 6 month

1-1 Private Coaching Packages

Sister, we know you’re here to do more than show up, pay bills and die. We know you have purpose work to pursue and lives to change and you’d like the number in the bank account to give you peace instead of anxiety. But we also know that trying to google every growth strategy possible is wearing you out. Let me help you shortcut the learning process!


In my private coaching container, I work closely with female entrepreneurs to help them scale their purpose work into big bold businesses that honor and reflect their lifestyle and their personal core values. 


Want to see if working together is a good fit? I offer free 15 minute SPARK calls to help you stoke the fire and to see if we’re a match to continue fanning the flame together. 

2 hour Deep Dive Intensives

Are you a budding entrepreneur needing some hand-holding to get your business off the ground from someone that’s been there, done that and hit the illusive six-figure mark multiple times over?


The 2 hour deep dive is a great place to get the support you need to kick start your growth. Comes with 1 week of follow up email support.


Deep Dive Options:

Confidence and Mindset

Business Plan Build Out

Content and Marketing Strategy

Sales Training

Lead Generation Training



Marketing Operations Entrepreneur

"Whitney helped me build a 6 figure business in 6 months! She knows exactly how to help scale online service-based businesses organically."



FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach

"What’s happened since working with you has completely changed me. My confidence is FINALLY showing up!"



Creator, The MOMsterMind

"You're the business coach I just can't quit! I love our time together, and knowing I have you in my pocket as my virtual business advisor."

Don't just take my word for it - my clients are the real heros!

From business beginners to seasoned entrepreneurs - I've seen these women take our sessions and execute beyond belief! 

If you're ready to finally pour some gas on your business, I'd love to help you stoke the fire!

Schedule your FREE 15 minute SPARK call to see what working together could look like.

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