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So you want to accomplish those big bold dreams in your life and business but something always seems to get in the way?

If we’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it a thousand times. Girl has a dream. Girl plans her dream to the last detail. That dream ends up living in perpetuity in a notebook. A half finished notebook, by the way. 


What happened to keep her from going after that vibrant life she dreamed up? What happened to stop her dead in her tracks? Maybe she felt unqualified.   Maybe perfection kept tripping her up, keeping her from gaining any momentum. Maybe she told herself “after you learn XYZ, you’ll be ready.” Maybe she looked to her left and her right and saw someone else already doing it better than her. 

But one thing remains true - nothing changes if nothing changes. The only difference between the women that make history and the ones that feel stuck? The ones that make history GOT OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY. 

Are you ready:


  • To IDENTIFY what you want out of life personally and professionally

  • To KNOW what’s in the way of accomplishing your dreams

  • To ANTICIPATE your mindset blocks and sabotaging behaviors

  • To MASTER the skills to navigate those roadblocks

  • To EXECUTE the plan you’ve shelved for so long

  • To TRUST yourself to handle all that life throws your way.

  • To BECOME the CONFIDENT woman that you know you’re meant to be.

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Join us for a 3-part workshop to capture your confidence and get out of your own way. You’ll learn the skills we’ve used and taught countless others to increase their confidence and create a life you’re on fire for.

In these custom 90-minute sessions filled with equal parts self discovery and skill building, you’ll lay the groundwork for success on your own terms.


SESSION 1: What do you want?


Together, we will help you:

  • identify what you want out of life (personal, business, relationships, you name it)

  • determine the intentional and purposeful steps you need to take in order to make that vision a reality

  • make sure that your dreams and goals align with your values to make sure that no matter what you’re going after, you’re going after it the right way.


SESSION 2: What’s holding you back?


An honest reflection of how you’ve handled conflict, stress, and roadblocks in the past, this session will focus on:

  • Examining your relationship with confidence 

  • getting clear on WHY you’ve reacted that way in the past

  • identifying sabotaging behaviors

  • assessing and building your success environment

  • equipping yourself with the skills you need to navigate those behaviors in the future.


SESSION 3: How do you get there?


Tying it all together, this session will help you:


  • develop a practical step by step roadmap to get where you’re headed

  • plan how to navigate setbacks

  • master mindset shifts around confidence

  • set yourself up for success in terms of benchmarking and course-correcting in the future


Close your eyes and imagine it: Each day the minute your feet hit the floor, you’re on fire for your life and you know you’re in the driver's seat. You know life will throw you curveballs, but this time, you’re ready. You move through your day with PURPOSE and INTENTION. Every action and task brings you closer to your goals. You’re focused, joyful, and most importantly, confident that you can make anything you want a reality.


You, my friend, are unstoppable.