How to get over a lack of motivation...

You're so pissed that you can't just follow through. You're frustrated that you keep saying you'll "start on monday" or you'll finally "stick to it when things calm down." The thing is, the reason you're struggling to be disciplined is not because you lack will power. It's because you don't truly believe you're worth the commitment.

You have ranked yourself below the cut line. You know, there's that to-do list where you only accomplish the top 3-5 things on the list each day, and the bottom things on the list continue to roll over and remind you of just how worthless you really are, because you can't keep your commitments. It's a self-fulfilling cycle. And guys, this is about all of it. It's not just your body, it's your business, that dream you've put on the shelf, anything that's that's about YOU. So how do you stop it?

1️⃣ You release the shame. You stop re-writing the to-do list with the items you know you'll never get to every day that make you feel even worse about yourself.

2️⃣ You start a new list, one that is all the reason's why you're worthy of the promise you can't seem to keep. Prove to yourself in writing that you have value.

3️⃣ You make a promise you CAN keep. It's a one a time promise, not an all or nothing one. You only promise things you know you can make happen. Maybe that's I'll move my body TODAY instead of every day. I'll eat vegetables at lunch. I'll email 3 people about business leads. Your promises can grow over time.

Your willpower was never the problem. Your opinion of yourself and your worthiness of your goals is the problem. And the only way to make that self-worth increase is to prove to yourself that you're worth what you want.

So, drop that tiny goal for me in the comments. 👇 Let's cheer each other on, because we can use all the help we can get. ❤

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