Recipes that won't break the macro bank over the holiday weekend

Memorial Day Weekend - white shorts, summer barbecues, and the death of those wellness goals you've been crushing since January 1...

Or not! I've rounded up some of my favorite healthy BBQ appropriate recipes to help you bring your wellness A-game to the party. 

First things first, you gotta HYDRATE! If you're trying to limit your alcohol intake, you can pull out a refreshing infused water to give you something special to sip on! If you want to get REAL FANCY you can always make it sparkling water! My strategy for infused water is always 1 herb, 1-2 fruits, lots of ice and water, and you're good to go

Next up, a side salad that would make anyone swoon. Packed with spinach and peaches and goat cheese, it's FASTer Way friendly and you'll be the most fancy side dish at the table. You can get the recipe over at Ambitious Kitchen.

If you're in charge of the main event, why not mix up the usual dog and burger for something a little more fun, like these Green Goddess Salmon Burgers from How Sweet Eats? You can wrap them in lettuce or go for a bun, regardless, it'll be to die for.

Finally, if you're in charge of dessert and you're looking for a multi-purpose option, I am a fan of the boozy popsicle! Marie Claire has you hooked up with 17 options here.

Remember this. There are 10 major holidays a year. I highly doubt that taking a break from your wellness goals for 10 days out of 365 will break the macro bank.. am I right?!

Happy BBQing! Love,


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