That Time you Forgot the Setback was Coming

Oh it came for me. It’s name is Quarantine and it came for me hard. I went into survival mode, scrapped exercising, struggled to find time to meditate, ate whatever took the least amount of time to throw together, sought comfort at every turn.

And there’s no question why - women tend to immediately cut their own needs as opposed to the needs of others first - it’s in our DNA as mothers and it’s reinforced by societal pressures to honor that messaging.

And do you know what, we get cocky about it - “I can give a little here and there” - because “I’ve got this.” We’ve all said this. But bad habits are formed the same way good ones are, honey.

So here’s what I am doing and what you can do, if you too, feel like it’s time for Jesus or someone else to take the wheel from your tired, frazzled hands right now.

1️⃣ Commit to the big 3 - doing 1 thing each day to move the needle forward in your MIND, BODY, and BUSINESS.

2️⃣ Scrap the big goals in favor of smaller ones. There’s a lot of research around progress and momentum and overwhelm, so instead of saying it’s couch to marathon, set small incremental goals like, I want to run one mile without stopping. The quicker you get to celebrate, the more momentum you feel, which keeps you on target.

3️⃣ When you screw up, and make no mistake you will, swear to yourself to pick back up right where you left off. Progress is the goal, never perfection.

4️⃣ Be grateful for the setback - for that chance to prove you meant what you said when you declared that goal.

5️⃣ Grab a friend because peer pressure works. Letting me down? Sad but hurts no one else down. Me letting a friend down? oh hellll naw.

If you’re a past client of mine and you need accountability - you can join me (link is where links live) in the VIP 5 day reset and 21 day cut to kickstart things. We’re poised and ready for the comeback. 👊

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