The 3 Step-Secret-Sauce to Momentum...

It took me 34 years to realize that where your focus goes, energy flows.

It's why I didn't start feeling momentum in my business until I GOT SERIOUS about my business.

It's why I didn't see changes in my body composition until I got focused on macros and appropriate strength training.

HERE IS THE KICKER THOUGH, most of us adults really struggle with keeping more than one thing as the focus. With the demands of day jobs and households and parenthood, we tend to sacrifice all things for just ONE THING, repeating the mantra over and over again that "You can have what you want, but certainly not all the things at the same time."

And I'd proven that to be true - I'd focus on just one thing and I'd see it grow, but around me, other parts would wither. I realized that this all or nothing limiting belief is what's been keeping me in this "success but only in one area at a time" zone. 

So how did I recalibrate to start seeing momentum in ALL areas of my life instead of just one?

1) PLAY THE LONG GAME. I gave up the idea of immediate results. Knowing that my attention is divided means that I can't be looking for aggressive wins all the time. I need to be patient with the outcome, understanding that we're playing the LONG GAME on all fronts.

2) SIMPLIFY. I simplified the goals. Instead of having intricate 7 steps processes I needed to complete every day for it to be a success, I simply started making a MUST DO list.

I must move my body.

I must drink water.I must invest in someone else's growth and development.

I must invest in mine. 

I must SHOW UP on my platform.

If I had 7 things in business and 7 things for my health and 7 things for my hobby and 7 things for my house that "NEEDED" to get done every day, you can see how overwhelming that would get. There's a reason the adage is "Keep it simple, stupid." 

3) RECOMMIT. Instead of "starting over monday" when I found myself struggling, I committed to starting immediately. If there's something I catch myself saying "ugh you should have done X" then I stop whatever unimportant task I am doing, and I do that thing instead. 

You CAN have it all. You just need to set yourself up for success.

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