There is Always a Choice


lesson in resilience from my late grandmother on her first birthday among the stars. Her name was Sue Fightmaster Parrott. Yes, the full name matters, I think you'll understand why soon.

Sue was born into a family with heartache, as unfortunately, so many people are. Her mother suffered from depression, so much so, that she took her life, leaving her for young daughters to her alcoholic husband. That alcoholic father lost his life in a bar fight with his best friend not long after.

She grew up an orphan in a children's home, along with her 3 other young sisters. She went on to college, got a PhD, became a member of city council, raised 4 babies of her own, contributed to her community and gave back in big ways.

Sue had a choices, even when her circumstances told her otherwise. She may not have had parents, but she had sisters to love and to try her best for. She may not have had a home, but she had an orphanage to make into one. She may not have had the best opportunities, but she FAUGHT hard to be the MASTER of her life.

That was a choice. Every day she had a choice. Your circumstances are just that. THEY ARE NOT WHO YOU ARE. THEY DO NOT DICTATE WHAT YOU'RE CAPABLE OF. The choice is in deciding your worth despite the circumstance. In committed to a vision bigger than the scope of what you can currently see.

You always have a choice. I hope that Sue's story can show you just what it means to choose yourself when the deck is stacked against you. She taught me many things - the most important of which was this story, her life's legacy - one she never had to speak out loud to me, because she lived it as proof every day. The things they'll remember you for when you're gone, they likely won't be in the things you accomplished when everything was easy.

They'll most likely be the way you dug deep and made hard choices when things were tough. Resilience is a choice. It's one you always have. I hope you have someone in your life that you can turn to to model resilience in action, but if you don't, the mirror works just fine.

Happy Birthday, Meme. You did good

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