There’s a reason you have intuition.

I knew before I even started that it was wrong, and I did it anyway... that’s gotta be the name of another book in my future.

My whole life, my gut has spoken so loudly to me. I can tell in an instant when something is right for me or not, but every now and then, I get caught up in the momentum of what others are doing and we get a little fomo, and that gut voice gets shushed.

This week, I shushed my gut. I did something I knew would be out of alignment for me, and it really triggered me.

Instead of responding in the ways I’ve coped with “failure” in the past, this time I named it for what it really was. The biggest WIN of all. When you’re able to choose what’s right for you, over what everyone else does and thinks, that’s winning babe. It’s not a failure to quit something that was never right for you in the first place. ❤️ I’m sharing the nitty gritty on stories today, but know this:

There’s a reason you have intuition.

There’s no such thing as failure, so long as you learned something.

You don’t have to be like everyone else. You only have to be like you.

There’s always another choice. ❤️

Love and light, bitches. 👊

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