If you're an ambitious and scrappy business owner, you will love these free trainings I've built to help you scale your business without breaking the bank.


Look out world, you’re about to be a whole new business owner.

I know deeply what it feels like to be stretched so thin, because I’ve been there, with two toddlers on my ankles while I tried to SLOG through marketing my business. I remember feeling exhausted and like I “should” be doing more to move business forward. I wished there was someone that would just tell me what I needed to do, so that I could show up, get it done, and still have some shred of balance in my life.


So that’s what I’m doing for you. I’m giving you the plan and knowledge I wish I had when I was straddling growing a business and mothering.


I can’t wait to see you at the SCALE IN AN HOUR, where we are going to FINALLY show you what you need to do to set yourself up for success in your business, without having to work yourself to the bone.


And you’ll want to be there live if you can, because I have something extra special to help make this process even EASIER for you! 


So mark your calendar, and get ready to change the game. See you soon, sister. 


Tune in to the Biz Bar's weekly podcast for motivation and inspiration. We are in the business of setting up your business for success.

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to scale your business, you can find yourself wishing you had a professor you could pop into office hours with and ask questions. Every Friday at 12:30 pm, you can join Whitney LIVE at her own virtual "Working Lunch" to ask those questions!

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