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I believe that everything you've ever wanted for your life is at your fingertips.


Somewhere along the way, you’ve lost your confidence. I'm here to help you find it.

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I’m Whit - 

I’m a Business Coach for passionate, impact-oriented women who want it all - the soul-fulfilling purpose work, the income that makes your mama proud, and the freedom to decide how your time is spent.

My expertise is showing you how to capture your confidence, next level your business strategy, and leverage the internet to scale your service based brand to change the world, ON YOUR TERMS.

I’m a Speaker. Author. Entrepreneur. Business Coach. Your Blunt Best Friend. 

It’s my mission to help you, the busy but driven woman, get your mind, body and business UP & Running & Thriving. 


Business Coaching  

Ready to scale that business to 6-figures? If you’ve got the matches, I’ll bring the gas.


If you’re looking for motivation with a side of sass, actionable strategies delivered with just the right amount of tough love, I live for a microphone.

Free training

Ready to see growth like, YESTERDAY? From social content strategy to mindset shifts, tbis is your library of free learning to get you started!


“What’s happened since working with you has completely changed me. My confidence is FINALLY showing up.” 


Speaker | Writer | Entrepreneur | Business Coach

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